Add a unique, hand-embroidered, silly, never-would-have-thought-of-that, kind-of-weird-yet-very-cool and ~attractive~ T-shirt to your wardrobe. You don't even have to decide what it says, I will do that for you. Pick a size and phrase-rating and wait for your surprise to arrive in the mail. 


"It's like buying an uncomfortable half-hug from an aquaintance, but in a good way." -Pia 


"These shirts are like inside jokes that you are not in but you are because you're in the shirt but you still kind of don't get it but maybe you do." -Pia


"Who knows, maybe this shirt will change your life. Take the risk or don't, it's your life." -Pia


Guarenteed one-of-a-kind. Made to order by Pia. 


Disclaimer: The pictures are just to show you what the embroidery looks like, you will not get these phrases on your shirt, they will be unique. 

  • How to Buy

    Online payments are currently not accepted. Please send me a request in the website chat box and I will answer as soon as I see it pop up on my phone!